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Photo Credit: Rick Madonik
Photo Credit: AP / Marcelo Sayao
Chad and Daniel working in the mobile studio on the road.
I'm 100% sure I've found my favorite blog. Thank you.

Thanks soo much! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Chad!


Chad and Ryan interview

Ryan Peake speaks to the Crowd in Berlin - 04.11.2013



Nickelback Question of the Week

A day late but here it is this weeks Nickelback Question of the Week!

What Nickelback song do think is the most underrated? 

My answer: FLAT ON THE FLOOR! Love this song….Its hard, heavy, sounds great live, its just Kick Ass Nickelback! Wish they would play it this tour but alas it twas underrated and not a hit…loved by many….but not a HIT! *SIGH*

Nickelback Prague (only sharing cause its an awesome photo) heres rest of photographers photos from that night great shots!!!
Photo Credit: Petr Klapper

"Actually, I’m on tour now, and since we are making music ourselves almost every night, I’m not listening to too much. Because after the show, my ears are ringing, so the last thing I wanna do is listen to music. But I can tell you I like the band NICKELBACK. For me, they are one of the really great rock bands that came out after the older generation, like the SCORPIONS, AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN, all those. They are the newer generation. They are not brand new, of course, but I really like what they are doing. They’re powerful, they have great songs, and they’re really my favorite band from today."

- Matthias Jabs- Guitarist Scorpions July 2013

(Source: blabbermouth.net)