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Nickelback SAP Mannheim
Nickelback SAP Mannheim
Backstage Nickelback with Skillet
Photo: Andreas Graf

Nickelback Question of the Week!!!!!

Ok boys and girls its that time again!!! Here it is this weeks Nickelback Question of the Week!

Nickelback comes to your home town and you have been given the opportunity to spend a whole day with the band…. where would you take them and what would you for the day???? 

My Answer: I’m from a very small town in cottage country in Canada so I think I would be taking them out on the lake maybe boating or fishing. Then spending some time just relaxing and having some beers on the dock and just having a talk. With such a busy travel schedule I think they would just like to spend some down time relaxing and I can respect that. I’m a pretty laid back person so a laid back activity would be the way I would go!

Interview this morning at RPR1 in Germany.

(Source: rpr1.de)

Nickelback Stopped into Antyradio in Poland

Posted the pic a few days ago now heres the interview. Enjoy!!

Every once in a while Nickelback will do a cover of another artists song…This one has always been my favorite cover they have performed! Big Wrecks-Mistake…1. great performance 2. great harmonies 3. Great song!!!!! I get little goosebumps every time I listen!

Nickelback visited Star Fm in Berlin today before their show this evening!